Relaxed Rattan

Rattan is booming within our interior spaces. This limitless material is being used in various ways whether it is in furniture pieces, lighting or accessories its all part of the boho craze! We are loving the balance of natural wicker, cane and bamboo that forms a relaxed organic style to a space. Rattan can be used to compliment a vast range of old or new items, rattan really is a timeless look and can be paired with most styles.

A Bold Statement

Working with a neutral colour palette on the walls of your home? You don’t have to repaint to transform the look of the room. Why not add interest and brighten your interior with a pop of colour. Just by adding one signature piece of furniture you can alter the entire feel and look of the room. You can achieve this by hanging a bright colourful piece of artwork, tapestry, add a rug with bountiful hues or select armchairs in your favourite colour to reflect your own style.

Living Urban

Image sourced from Pinterest

Often working with city dwellings, you are limited with space. It is extremely important to make the most of every crevice with multi-functional areas, and to use strategic tools to create a sense of space within your interior. You can still generate your favourite interior style, but we would suggest using limited accessories when decorating, scarce pops of colour and retain an uncluttered minimal look. Minimal does not mean that it must be dull, it just suggests that you should keep a sense of order and be vigilant when it comes to selecting furniture and decorative pieces. Be creative, make the overall look still boast style but keep textures light and surfaces clean lined – expansive simplicity is key!

Green Must Be Seen

Sourced from Pinterest

There has been a shift in the design industry where elements of nature are strongly being suggested to dress our homes. Colours such as forest green, exposed timber and rich textures are used within interiors as it brings an essence of wellness and calmness to our busy lifestyles.

Introducing green to your interior palette can promote a sense of relaxation, balance and creativity. Teaming your focal green with added live greenery brings serenity to a room and introduces several hues of green to create interest visually and flow to the space. It is important to contrast bold colours, in this particular case the white walls and floor enhances the principle green and sits perfectly against the ornate dark timber bed frame. The room is balanced with raw elements and the natural greens work well for both males and females. Note: Simplicity is key when exploring trends of wellness and nature within interiors.

Reflecting Hamptons

Source from: apartmenttherapy

Boasting a mix of European and American furniture, this interior above reflects the Hamptons Style, with a touch of Australiana. It is typical of this design to have a neutral palette with pops of colour, and warm timber elements that bring a relaxed but classic feel.

Characteristically, the Hamptons style works well by the sea or in a country home. If wanting to bring this look into a beach home, simply replace the darker décor accent pieces with hints of ocean Blues in say your cushions or throws, add White woven baskets and keep the iconic neutral surrounding pallet. As displayed in the image above, they have gone for a more rustic country look and added in rattan armchairs, a grand painting of a Hound above the fireplace and antlers. This is an extremely popular theme when it comes to interiors that never seems to date, it is truly a classic.

Embracing a Feminine Shabby Chic Style

Source from Decoist

A warm, feminine style which is also referred to as country cottage or French Antique, Shabby Chic has a rather romantic air. It’s all about blushing pink shades, roses and a certain simplicity in the sense that any vases, mirrors and chairs tend to be vintage rather than new. Because of this they have a trademark distressed look (whether genuine or applied).

The colour scheme with this look is neutral whites, beiges, creams and pale pastels such as blue, green, yellow and pink. There are plenty of florals, with fussy frills and polka dots encouraged (it’s a feminine style, after all). A great proponent of the shabby chic style is the designer Cath Kidson.

Fancy candlesticks, ornately framed mirrors, pitchers with wild flowers placed on a dressing table – these are all shabby chic accessories. In terms of furniture, reclaimed wood – often painted white – is popular and so too is the odd Louis IV reproduction chair with chipped paint. Sofas tend to be covered in throws and cushions (it’s all about comfort but without the elegance of Scandinavian style).

Wicker, linen and natural cotton, as well as the more glamorous velvet are favourite Shabby Chic materials from which to fashion tablecloths, curtains, cushions and other matching accessories.

This is a style that’s perfect for a female-led interior, but one which men can find a bit questionable at times.

Get Serious with Scandinavian Style

Source from Aestatestudio

A look that first became popular in the Scandinavian and Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland in the mid-30s, this is a style which, like Modernism, embraces minimalism and simplicity. But it’s done in a very elegant fashion. You’ll understand exactly what we mean when you realise three of its famous founders were Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner and Verner Panton (all produced iconic accent chairs revered today).

A neutral colour scheme is key, usually white, with the odd splash of colour in the form of cushions or a painting. Another big tenet of this style is natural materials; the more from your immediate environment the better, especially woods, leather, wool and even fur (more likely faux fur these days) because Scandi style tends to be cosy – especially in winter with roaring wood fires and plenty of fairy lights.

Flooring tends to be either wide planks of reclaimed wood or concrete. There isn’t a lot of furniture but what there is tends to be functional and of high quality, usually simply but carefully-carved timber and designed in such a way to showcase the natural beauty of the wood.

Nothing in this design style is elaborate or overly-fussy – something that many busy homeowners these days will certainly appreciate.

An Introduction to Industrial Design/Loft Living

Loft Interior by Deniz Atli
Loft Interior by Deniz Atli, Source from Chaosgroup

Industrial design really came into its own with the transformation of old warehouses into homes. Along with the new fashion for urban loft living a new style of interiors was essential since current designs just wouldn’t adapt to those huge living spaces.

Furniture had to be large and chunky so that it wasn’t dwarfed by all that floor space and the high ceilings (which often had old wood beams). At the same time reclaimed wood, exposed pipe work and patchy brickwork – which nine times out of ten were part of the building anyhow – all became incorporated into this “stripped back” look. The result is a sense of “rawness” and an unfinished feel.

In terms of colour, the look is neutral with a few splashes of colour here and there in the form of artwork, a rug or cushions. The main materials are reclaimed wood and metal in all its forms – copper, steel, aluminium, bronze etc.

Pendant lamps in metallic are a large part of industrial design and are necessary to fill the gap between the high ceiling and the kitchen island.

This is a no-nonsense style where furniture and materials are repurposed where possible, resulting in a mix of vintage and contemporary. There are lots of nice relaxing clean lines – perfect for the busy urban executive returning home to the loft after a long day at the coalface – or rather, the office.

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