Rustic Casual Country Vibes

Here at LivingStyles, we absolutely adore decorating with rustic and casual country chic inspired furniture. This relaxed yet stylish look works well with so many other interior styles. You might have a completely new modern build with a very simplistic white base interior but adding imperfect, reclaimed timber decor finishes can instantly bring character – it’s so versatile!A highlight of working with such accents and furnishings is that you can mix and match and nothing has to look uniformed. This articulates a warm, comfortable and welcoming setting. Celebrate this trending style by incorporating galvanised metals through lighting designs, aged looking timber furniture pieces, earthy braided rugs, neutral colour schemes and warm fabric accessories. Remember to keep it minimal-everything should have a purpose. 

A Bunk To Fit The Brief

We recently assisted the fabulous Hayley Berlingeri from Adelaide in creating a dream sleeping space for her son Romeo. Romeo was transitioning out of his cot and into his ‘big’ bed and we had just the bunk for him. Hayley required a Bunk that would complement the beautiful surrounding Cacti wallpaper, low hanging jute pendant and natural cane decor. The Samson Lowline Bunk was set to be a great addition as it would keep the room light being white in colour, provided a spare bed for Romeos sleepovers and all without taking away from the floor space (no play space was interfered with in the making of this delightful room).

This sturdy and stylish Bunk seemed just the idealistic incorporation and since been in use has worked a treat. We wish Romeo many great night sleeps in the Samson Lowline Bunk and it was an absolute privilege to be apart of this process. We are thrilled we could fit the brief. 

The ‘Samson Lowline Bunk Bed, Single, Arctic White, SKU: LSPR-ID6210866‘ can be found on our website ( and is a favorite amongst our LivingStyles customers.


Gold But Not Bold

Decorating with touches of gold can really lift a room and add subtle glamour. For those who like to keep it simple and are quite overwhelmed at the thought of introducing gold, purchasing pieces with slight amounts of gold will give you a chic look without having to go overboard with big bold statement pieces. If this is the case, present the gold subtly through furniture legs, vase designs, cushion fabrics or lamp bases. You would be amazed at the opportunities there are to slightly drop this edgy element into your home decor to achieve this impressive trend. 

Lounging On Leather

The benefit of lounging on leather is that this material is quite easy to care for and as it wears, this only adds character. Leather seating options are a timeless look, a popular choice amongst today’s homes and often a great investment if it is made with high grade leather as this will past the test of time. Although most colour schemes go with leather seating, you can modernise the space with warm neutral walls surrounded by timber or metal furniture pieces accompanied by a natural jute rug. The perks of leather seating gives you limitless decorating options and nothing is stopping you from mixing and matching materials to finalise the overall appearance of your interior. 

Recycled Timber Insertion

Mixing assorted recycled wood furniture finishes is a popular and timeless trend that brings warmth to an interior. Create impact within your bedroom by sourcing a mixed timber or recycled wood furniture piece such as a bed frame or bedhead and surround this with a light wall paint colour. You’ll find your eye being drawn to this as a focus piece when entering the room. Layer the space with similar wood tones to create balance. This could be through practical furnishings like bedsides, tallboys or dressers. If you don’t have the space for these extra furniture pieces, a wall clock, photo frames or lamps will also do the trick. Keep the bedding neutral and splash colour through cushions and a throw. Incorporating these key features into your space will apply a raw and ageless style. 

Prime Features

Introducing key replica vintage / weathered furniture pieces into a room and placing them with a grand artwork or a majestic clock can bring immediate charm and grandeur to an interior. Such decor is readily accessible today due to this popular look being timeless. This is a safe stye to decorate with because the colouring is typically neutral and you can always bring a touch of subtle colour through plants, photo frames or wall art. Keep the space minimal but don’t scale down the design of the prime features. 

Wool & Cotton Accents

Wool Ottomans are distinctive natural articles that provide textures, patterns and colours to your interior. If you are inspired by the eclectic/ boho style, adding pouffes can really promote that look. These stunning features act not only as a functional footstool but also as a platform to showcase complimentary ornaments. A popular styling tip is to place a tray on the top surface to hold selected decor accents to really dress the space. Partner with woollen/cotton throws or cushions as finishing touches.

Earthy Additions

Earthy homewares such as ceramic jars and vases are a very cost effective way to introduce a raw and natural interior to your home. Textured and patterend earthy decorative schemes produce a very organic feel to a room especially when using one off designs. Such decorations commonly give you a real ‘back to nature’ feel when these additions are homemade. Keep the room very minimal with a natural toned pallete and add a touch of fresh greenery to your earthy incorporations. 

Relaxed Rattan

Rattan is booming within our interior spaces. This limitless material is being used in various ways whether it is in furniture pieces, lighting or accessories its all part of the boho craze! We are loving the balance of natural wicker, cane and bamboo that forms a relaxed organic style to a space. Rattan can be used to compliment a vast range of old or new items, rattan really is a timeless look and can be paired with most styles.

A Bold Statement

Working with a neutral colour palette on the walls of your home? You don’t have to repaint to transform the look of the room. Why not add interest and brighten your interior with a pop of colour. Just by adding one signature piece of furniture you can alter the entire feel and look of the room. You can achieve this by hanging a bright colourful piece of artwork, tapestry, add a rug with bountiful hues or select armchairs in your favourite colour to reflect your own style.