How to Equip Your Home Office

Think Outside the In Box

You don’t need to restrict yourself to office furniture choices. The important thing is to find exactly the style and size you want that also expresses your own inimitable uniqueness.

You will spend a lot of time in a home office so you must be very comfortable, not just in your chair but happy with the aesthetics of your surroundings.

Think about what you need to accomplish and how. Do you need to store and have access to paper files or is everything you work with electronic? Is there room to keep necessary supplies close at hand?

Do you work with any tools or accessories that will scratch your desk top? You might want a laminate or glass surface to work on. Find the right chair then match the table or desk to it so you can achieve the correct height for comfortable desk use.

There are lots of options for office storage.
There are lots of options for office storage.

Storage comes in as many varieties as you can think of.

Look at possibilities from the kitchen, garden, living room, bathroom… inspiration can come from anywhere.

Retro and industrial filing cabinets are great and they can delineate the space from the rest of your apartment but jars, boxes and canisters can also be adapted to keep things handy and tidy and at the same time add visual interest.

That visual interest will help to keep you stimulated and it will reflect your creativity, uniqueness and ability to think outside the preverbial box!



Things to know before buying a dining table

  1. First consider your lifestyle and your dining table use.

Casual or formal? Will the table be used for other functions other than dining? The majority of dining tables come at a fairly standard height of 76cm. You need to keep this in mind if you want to try looking for an unusual table not intended for dining. Apart from the different shapes that tables come in, there are some wonderful retro choices, refectory and trestle options.

2. Next consider what size is best for you.

How often do you entertain and for how many people? This will give you an idea of what size to choose from. There are some good sites that give excellent details about dimensions and seating numbers like House Plans Helper.

Generally for an average dinner party of 6 people, you are looking at:

  • 122cm diameter for a round table
  • 122-152cm for a square table
  • 79x152cm to 91x183cm for a rectangular table

Depending on the space you have, you have options of round, oval, square and rectangular. The most flexible choice is an extension table, either square or rectangular, that can be easily expanded in length to accommodate more guests when needed.

3. Choose a dining table material.

For casual dining you could go for an outdoor dining set in wicker with a tempered glass top. The glass top is very practical and easy to clean. Marble is another excellent table top surface. If you are thinking about buying a wood table, be prepared for some simple but necessary upkeep. You will need to wipe the surfaces down with an oil-based furniture polish every six months and using coasters and placemats will minimise staining and scratching.

So go classical wood or contemporary glass and metal and enjoy an entertaining lifestyle.

The Beauty of Barstools

Design suggestions how to create an inviting kitchen bar or home bar from scratch

It doesn’t necessarily take loads of space to set up a home bar or a kitchen nook or island area for casual drinks and snacks. A bar can be the viewing point for movies and TV shows and it can become the favourite family hub.

Natural wood has warmth and character.
Natural wood has warmth and character.

All you need is a surface bench or table top that you can belly up to. If you are starting from scratch, you might want to choose your stools first. The bar stool will determine the style and the height of your bar.

There are amazing barstools available ranging from cowhide and chrome to leather and plastic, retro to industrial. Just make sure the stool you choose is comfortable as well as attractive.

What really sets the scene and provides a bar with atmosphere is the lighting. The lighting should be cozy and flattering and  pendants are the perfect choice, especially as you can position them to exactly the best height above the bar or bench surface.

The fun part is selecting lighting that complements the barstool style.

These two elements, stool and lighting, will harmonise the look.

Retro colour is lively and fun.
Retro colour is lively and fun.

Choosing lights and stools first will make it easier for you to select the other necessary elements such as wall art, bench top material and glassware. Go with natural wood for a warm feel or opt for bright solid colours that create a friendly and fun atmosphere.

If kids will be using the stools as well as adults, look at gas-lift adjustable models and at swivel mechanisms if the stools will be in a tight space without a lot of room for maneuvering in and out.

Setting up a home bar increases your popularity ten-fold. It’s a great way to entertain friends with cocktails and the family with movie night and snacks.


Our Top Points on Choosing Kids Bedroom Furniture

The two most vital things to think about are:

  • Budget
  • Adaptability

    Bed with Trundle Incorporated into Wall Storage
    Bed with Trundle Incorporated into Wall Storage


Kids grow up fast. Consider the age of your kid and if a younger sibling can inherit the furniture when he or she outgrows it. There is plenty of excellent kids’ furniture out there online with low prices if you want to upgrade as your child grows, otherwise you may want to buy something flexible that can adapt to your kid’s changing needs.

The best solution to decorating children’s bedrooms in a modern and practical way is to put in bunk beds. Bunk modular sets can maximise space with built-in storage drawers, shelves and closets. They can create a whole environment with a bed, study desk and lots of fun features like ladders or steps.

Two variant ways to set up the same modular bunk.
Two variant ways to set up the same modular bunk.


There are bunks that can be reconfigured into two separate beds plus the double below-single above model can be a useful option for older kids with occasional sleepover friends sleeping on a pull out trundle. For the ultimate in hidden beds in a room that needs as much floor space as possible during the day, there exists a Murphy-style bunk unit – the beds fold up into the wall out of sight. Bedroom storage is always a premium, especially with all the kit and gear kids accumulate.

Another example of a versatile bunk modular system.
Another example of a versatile bunk modular system.