A Bunk To Fit The Brief

We recently assisted the fabulous Hayley Berlingeri from Adelaide in creating a dream sleeping space for her son Romeo. Romeo was transitioning out of his cot and into his ‘big’ bed and we had just the bunk for him. Hayley required a Bunk that would complement the beautiful surrounding Cacti wallpaper, low hanging jute pendant and natural cane decor. The Samson Lowline Bunk was set to be a great addition as it would keep the room light being white in colour, provided a spare bed for Romeos sleepovers and all without taking away from the floor space (no play space was interfered with in the making of this delightful room).

This sturdy and stylish Bunk seemed just the idealistic incorporation and since been in use has worked a treat. We wish Romeo many great night sleeps in the Samson Lowline Bunk and it was an absolute privilege to be apart of this process. We are thrilled we could fit the brief. 

The ‘Samson Lowline Bunk Bed, Single, Arctic White, SKU: LSPR-ID6210866‘ can be found on our website (www.livingstyles.com.au) and is a favorite amongst our LivingStyles customers.

Image: www.instagram.com/sweetlittlestory

Trending In 2020

We are well into the new year and summer is officially over, so what can we expect to see trending in the world of interiors, furniture and homewares for the rest of 2020?  Well for interior wall paints, natural light colours are in vogue, with furniture pieces such as velvet sofas in blush pinks, olive greens and bold blues. Rattan plants stands, bedheads and armchairs provide a strong connection back to the sought after natural essence.  Earthy coloured ceramics, handwoven jute rugs and beaded pendants are a must and we can’t forget to top off these calm and natural themed rooms with our favorite indoor plants scattered throughout the home. When visualising the trending key features, think organic, relaxing and light.