How to Equip Your Home Office

Think Outside the In Box

You don’t need to restrict yourself to office furniture choices. The important thing is to find exactly the style and size you want that also expresses your own inimitable uniqueness.

You will spend a lot of time in a home office so you must be very comfortable, not just in your chair but happy with the aesthetics of your surroundings.

Think about what you need to accomplish and how. Do you need to store and have access to paper files or is everything you work with electronic? Is there room to keep necessary supplies close at hand?

Do you work with any tools or accessories that will scratch your desk top? You might want a laminate or glass surface to work on. Find the right chair then match the table or desk to it so you can achieve the correct height for comfortable desk use.

There are lots of options for office storage.
There are lots of options for office storage.

Storage comes in as many varieties as you can think of.

Look at possibilities from the kitchen, garden, living room, bathroom… inspiration can come from anywhere.

Retro and industrial filing cabinets are great and they can delineate the space from the rest of your apartment but jars, boxes and canisters can also be adapted to keep things handy and tidy and at the same time add visual interest.

That visual interest will help to keep you stimulated and it will reflect your creativity, uniqueness and ability to think outside the preverbial box!