Fair’s Fair – What’s Hot Now

Things We Noticed at the Recent Trade Fairs That Look Like They’ll Trend Well

We’re always looking for new products and love seeing what’s out there at the trade fairs. Most recently, there is a big interest in recycled materials which is encouraging. There is also a trend for beach themed decor including driftwood pieces. The surprises were a return to glassware that would have been popular with our grandmothers. Sometimes referred to as nannyware, we saw Bohemian glassware at several stands. Chinese ceramic stools are also making an appearance plus the iconic hourglass is a hot decor piece.

Flashed overlay Bohemian glass.    Chinese ceramic stools.   Hourglass decor.
Flashed overlay Bohemian glass. Chinese ceramic stools. Hourglass decor.

Matching Design and Decorative Elements

How do you choose decor that matches the rug, the furniture and the lighting? The first suggestion is to look for elements from the same manufacturer. Furnishings are usually produced in seasonal ranges with strong designer input. For example, you can check the online campaigns that we have to introduce new products. The campaigns are selected by theme, material, style or some other uniting design factor.



The modern chinoiserie patterns and colours of the mirror, lantern and stool above, are good examples of harmonious design style.Untitled-1

To include more balance in the room, pick up one of the colours and add smaller decor elements to match. In this instance, the less dominant turquoise colour would be perfeH&Gct for a ceramic Buddha figurine like that on the left that also has an oriental theme or wall art like the prints on the right.

The glaze of the figurine and the delicacy of the prints also add textural balance juxtaposed with the fabrics and rustic metal finish above. Colourful furnishings usually look best against a solid wall hue like pear, yellow or a neutral tone.